The level of commitment to yourself determines the quality of your relationships

.:: I SAID YES ::.

Man: “Your ring has been re-sized and is ready for pickup.”

Me: “ perfect- I appreciate your work! I’ll be there to pick it up tonight”

Three years ago I got the tattoo of this equilibrium symbol you see on my right forearm to represent my commitment to reaching wholeness; equilibrium with my feminine and masculine energies.

It’s been messy + fun + lots of crying + feeling anger/pain to transmute it into light/love + liberating AF + full of compassion + acceptance + perseverance.

I just renewed my vows + put a ring on it to symbolize this next level.

I am + will always be my top priority.

I will always bet on myself.

I am committed + married to myself and the divine above all else.

Always and forever.

Everyday I choose myself.

It’s vital to fulfill my dream of being an extraordinary wife + mother + daughter + leader + liberator + sister + other roles I choose to play in the game.

Women- we set the example + lead emotionally.

Are you courting yourself?
Are you getting intimate AF? Spiritually + emotionally + physically?

Become your own best friend + lover + sanctuary + security + protection ..

I’ve never been more in love with myself + my business + playing in the fairytale/video game/playground called life.

A life partner is a cherry on top of your better-than-sex cake lifestyle you live out not an end-point or object.

The souls you dance with in connection are an outlet to express the wild, deep + infinite love you ALREADY are.

They get to take a hit of what it’s like to EXPERIENCE you + your energy- in whatever way that looks like.

You see, security isn’t found in another person.

It isn’t found in your career.

It isn’t found in ANYTHING outside of yourself.

A solid foundation to build + navigate + explore this dream/video game/fairytale is done from INSIDE.

Your inner world is what’s real. It is infinite. It’s what’s unconditional. It’s steadfast. It’s a sanctuary. It’s one with God/the universe/source.

Your birthday suit is a conduit. A channel.

Your partnership + relationships are a conduit- containers for God/the universe/source to refine our souls making a bigger expression to others through the union.

I couldn’t be more lit up about the way my work will impact the masses + guiding others to create their dream/video game/fairytale from a space of self-integrity + union; A Luxe Love Affair.

An opportunity to claim the wholeness that they already are.

I’ve had to get over my own bullshit thats kept me playing small instead of fully showing up as me…

From fully embracing the role I’m here to play out…

From being beautiful + rich + successful + magnetic AF.

My business has been going through a BIG transition in the BEST way.

I scrapped my group programs last minute + sent back the money others paid to be in them.

I had gotten caught up in the coaching industries box- which is why aspects of it were not working.

Naturally, I do what I always do, come back home to my heart and re-align with my integrity + calling …

For lack of better words, I ripped the box into fucking shreds + started re-writing my own rules.

Life is a process of going back to the drawing board. Death + rebirth. That’s why there is no failure when you allow life to school you.

There are no rules. Only the rules we choose that are in alignment with what makes us feel good + what’s expansive over constricting.

We assign the meaning to anything in our experience. It means what we make it mean.

Your body is always speaking to you. It’s our responsibility to re-learn how to master the art of listening.

I’m most excited about allowing myself to be Fully Exxposed™ when dancing in the unfolding of the dream/video game/fairy turnt up to eleven.

Bottom line:

You get to have the thriving partnership with electric + fulfilling sex. [ a thriving sex Life is a non-negotiable – my fellow creatives know what I’m talking about 😘]

You can have the divine true love you’ve always knew was possible that the masses choose to deny themselves from their wounding + conditioning. [ Settling is a choice. Loving is a choice. Daily ]

You get to have the partnership that is an experience of freedom you didn’t even know was possible – until now.

You get to have a healthy relationship with money. Money + high-end luxury love you.

You get to raise children who will not have to heal from ancestral + childhood + societal dysfunction because you took responsibility and did the work.

You can change your family tree forever.

You get to leave a legacy that is extraordinarily impactful.

You get to have it all.

The question is:

Are you ready to roll up your sleeves and go to work on yourself? On self-mastery?

🎊The work is done in the inner world. We get to play with the by-product in the outside world.


.:: I SAID YES ::.

to taking my commitment to myself + my destiny to the next level.

to getting more intimate with living my Inside Out Lifestyle™

to continuing to being the example.

to renewing my vows.

Believing in + loving you always,

Allison Xx

Declare it with me:

I consistently renew my vows to myself.
I consistently show up for myself.
I am a sanctuary for myself and others.
I choose healing which allows for confidence + ease + grace.
My healing allows me to experience satisfaction and peace.
I am infinitely abundant.
I am infinitely supported.
I have nothing to prove.
I am infinitely worthy.

P.S. It’s time to fully step into being the Queen of your domain.

P.S.S. The Luxe Love Affair is coming soon!
.:: E-Mail now to be put on the waitlist::.

the beauitful image is from @cosmiccollage

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