Freeing Yourself of Resistance + Becoming the Queen/King of Your Domain

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I see you, Queen/King. I am intoxicated from your beauty. I see you beyond your birthday suit that you are here to experience the playground of life from.

I see you pushing, forcing, destructing, distracting and getting lost in the dense shadow energies of this third dimension.  You know you need a solid foundation to build your life on. You keep building on the sand near water. Your mind keeps going back to thinking the foundation/security/commitment comes from outside of you when it can ONLY come from you.

The same perpetuating cycles show up with different characters, substances, and places that lead you back to another loop in the matrix. You are so focused on the outcome and external world from the human experience that you completely bypass who you really are; a soul having a human experience. You start by claiming the throne of your domain by taking FULL responsibility for your experience. 

I see you in your light from a thirsty heart, beautiful sensitivity, infinite strength, unique gifts that keep flirting with you to pay attention and show up for through your shadows of self-loathing, judgment, criticism, pain, fear, betrayal, shame and guilt. 

What if there is no right or wrong, good or bad? We wouldn’t be able to be in our light without the dark/bad/wrong. The gift is born from the taking/hurt/loss. We experience both sides of a duality spectrum before it collapses into omnipresence – into one. Each expression of energy on the scale serves us. By taking full responsibility through infinite acceptance allows us to move into the higher serving energies over the lower serving energies. Let me explain a few of the old paradigm beliefs systems from my life experience:

  • Limiting belief: “If I work hard and keep pushing I’m proving my worthiness.” I would glorify busy. I would work hard and play harder. I was afraid I would miss out on something. I was afraid to be alone with myself for too long. The distraction of busy, substances, forcing and pushing to avoid looking at myself and my pain.
  • Limiting belief: “If I suppress my unique personality, boldness, please others then I’ll be accepted” I got tired of always being rejected for shining my light that can often be confronting and uncomfortable for others.
  • Limiting belief: “If I keep extra weight on my birthday suit I’ll blend in more” I have used my weight as a bargaining chip to win approval of others and to deflect attraction from men. I haven’t been ready to release the extra weight for good until recently.

Bottom Line: It is never about anything outside of you. It’s all about you while simultaneously about others. Sit with and FEEL your bullshit; limiting beliefs, stories of your mind, trauma’s and pain.

Once you do the “hard work” of healing and integrating your pain, it is then that you can experience full freedom. Let go of the pushing, forcing, distracting and trust, believe, just BE and have unwavering faith. We release resistance by BEING, nurturing the most important relationship we will ever have, the relationship between your higher self/soul, human self, the divine/God. The ultimate healthy relationship. The holy trinity.

When we live our individual Inside Out Lifestyle™ we trust and allow ourselves to be guided and ground it into the third dimension through our birthday suits that looks like *inspired action. It’s intentional living. It’s being present in every moment. You are at peace because of connection; your higher self, your human self and the divine/God.

We can dance in synergy with another whole human, calling each other to the best version, creating an amazing world for two to play in and experience. Interdependence is the new paradigm of partnership.

1+1=11 Two whole multi-dimensional humans co-creating the game with the divine/God.

Taking back your mind, body, and soul to become the Queen/King of your domain.

The truth…

We are never lost. We create our reality. Look into the mirror of your creation to see your emotional state and where you can evolve.

It’s time to build from a solid foundation.

It’s time to expand into an embodiment of a drop-dead-sexy mind.

It’s time to take full responsibility to become the Queen/King of our domain.

It’s time to become your own hero.

It’s time to become the change and raise the future generations from a place of wholeness. It is my life’s work to liberate and  teach self-mastery. It’s time to have children grow up knowing themselves, emotional intelligence and fully embracing their light and individual energetic blueprints.

It’s time to BE.

It’s time.

This electric soul with overflowing compassion always wants you to know you are extremely loved, always supported and infinitely worthy,

Allison Xx

P.S. I love hearing from you! Can you relate to my old limiting beliefs? In what ways are you avoiding returning home to your heart? What perpetuating cycles are keeping you “stuck?”

P.S.S. The breath taking image credit goes to cosmic collage.

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