You have a heart for service. You know you are here to help others in the unique way only YOU can. You are here to play to your potential (this puts you in the top 1% of humanity). Yes, you are kind of a big deal.

In this five week experience, I guide you to the answers already within you to access your genius through your energetic blueprint and unlock wild clarity through activating questions, videos, and frequency play to make the most empowered impact with your soul-contracted clients.

This is for three types of people, those who are in the service industry, have felt the pull towards having an online coaching practice OR those who have had a coaching practice and know there is something missing - they are in transition to truly start operating from their natural state of Genius

  • Take back your power and step into the powerhouse you know you are.
  • Feel self-assured and confident in the gifts you are here to channel
  • Discover the core challenge you help your soul-contracted clients move through.
  • Know exactly how to market to YOUR specific soul-contracted clients
  • Learn how you can make the most empowered impact.
  • Get out of your head (and into your birthday suit); understanding masculine energy in this dense human experience

I am so excited to partner with you and provide massive support during this phase of your process (life). See you on the inside!

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