Some say I’m a breath of fresh air, most aren’t ready for the high doses of truth I deliver and every time those who are at a place to embrace the ultimate gift provided to them; choice, their life shifts in the most magnificent ways.

I am an adventurous powerhouse, world-class liberator and Intuitive success mentor. I partner with the ambitious, mostly women, to dial into their soul purpose work in the world and speed up the process of connecting with their most soul-aligned life partner through my signature process; The D.I.V.A.S. Method™. People find me and often work with me when things are tough for them or their life is turning upside down in one way or another.

I haven’t always been on a spiritual path. In 2015 my spiritual awakening was catalyzed in a massive way through a love connection. It appeared that my entire life was crumbling around me to the human eye. However, my life was simply coming together in alignment with my soul’s path. Some would call it a quarter-life crisis. The internet confirmed it was written in the stars. I was going through my first saturn return.

Through my journey of awakening, I taught myself many modalities over four years that resonated deeply with me; astrology, human design and gene keys. I use these tools in my work with clients to work with their energetic blueprints. The in-depth readings I leave to those who have specifically dedicated their time to each of these crafts. In 2016 I made the solid commitment to start living my Inside Out Lifestyle I was being divinely instructed to guide others to. Here, we live as the infinite spirits we are first and we human second.

My first business success was in the direct marketing industry. My team and I served thousands for 5 years. I resigned my position when the companies leadership no longer aligned with my values and chose to kick off my online coaching practice shortly after. I dove head first into my divine instruction of being a teacher and coach by getting certified with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition for holistic health and certified as a life coach in 2016.

I’ve recently decided to pick up a mic for a swift kick-in-the-pants for others by speaking on stages moving people into action. Typically speaking to entrepreneurs and those in business and most passionately to high school seniors and college students. I highly value the leadership of self and leading others to do the same. The only enemies a person has are within oneself. We are the solution. You are the solution.

My book is a big aspect of this that will be out in 2019; Being Confident And Gracious: How To Revolutionize Your Self-Image In 21 Days. Saying I’m excited is an understatement for the impact, shifts in awareness and the mind-blowing activations it will have for people. I’m in the game of helping others play to their divine potential. This book will not only contain my story of how I went from being a professional escape artist to a transcendent soul artist and practical action steps to take, it will also touch on the uncomfortable things people don’t like to talk about; money, sex and power.

My drive and passion behind my spiritually based evolutionary brand The Inside Out Lifestyle™ and my signature program The Luxe Love Affair™ is ultimately for the flourishing of the future generations. It is to shepherd children. Raising them IN their power teaching them how to have the ultimate healthy relationship with themselves. We all leave a legacy behind. Most continue to pass down a legacy of dysfunction from prior generations. You have the opportunity to leave a new legacy. The question is, what legacy are you choosing to leave behind?

The people are what will change the world. Our world is divided because the people are divided within themselves. It starts with us, the current individuals, BEING the example of sovereignty. Heaven on earth is experienced by embodying unity within and being Fully Exxposed™ in your unique and complete individuation.

Together, we advance culture.