If you don’t already know me, my name is Allison Plegge.

Just call me Alli.

I’m a liberator who has mad passion for serving others from a free + deeply loving heart, a paradigm-busting creative doing what hasn’t been done before, a visionary and a self-mastery queen.

To be formal:

I’m an author + speaker + certified health and clarity coach for ambitious creative women entrepreneurs.

I’ve always been thirsty for wisdom and truth. One who revels in intimate union with the divine.

One of my favorite things to talk about is love… without conditions.  Love of self + love with other humans. Re-igniting passion to thrive living fulfilled + alive + free AF is a second.

I believe every human deserves to have THE ultimate healthy relationship with themselves + to live in collaboration with other humans through the new paradigm of interdependence.

Every human deserves to live out their potential + to love every inch of their bangin’ birthday suit regardless + live their best life unapologetically but that doesn’t mean they will.

I also believe women, humans in general, hide + sabotage + place limits on themselves + beat themselves up + haven’t been taught how to have a healthy relationship with themselves in order to flourish in all areas of life.

My zone of genius + one of my gifts to bring to the world is guiding others in creating their stabilizing foundation(s) to live out their potential + live the life of their wildest dreams.

The world is changing in a massive way + we are blessed to be a part of it at this point of transition into a better world.

I teach women from invaluable life experience.

There’s also nothing quite as good as getting to pass on wisdom and refining a students character. I know I appreciate my past + present mentors from the depths of my wild heart.

One of our greatest gifts to the world, is BEING the example. Who we show up in the world as IS our contribution to society… to changing the world.

The time has come.

For me to come out of the holding room…

For me to drop the armor I’ve wore for so long, for GOOD…

In 2015 I knew my life would never be the same. I was going through my first Saturn return AKA quarter life crisis. Yes, it is a real thing written in the stars. 

Your quarter-life-crisis is a check-in.  Basically a bitch slap from the divine to get you back on the path to fulfilling your potential this lifetime. 

The divine reached me through a man I had started seeing.  It was the deepest spiritual connection I have ever experienced to-date. I could see myself in him. He was the perfect mirror for me to finally honor + look at my past traumas and fear of abandonment to be healed. I’ve spent the last 25 years emotionally unavailable. My weight had always played a part in this as my armor. 

I dove into my business + took healing to extreme heights after I met him.  This led to me neglecting my health.

As a super psychic, highly intuitive, deep feeling empath with unconditional love for all humans deeper than the ocean, I was done with the pain.  I was devoted + determined to turn it into power + strength. 

This illuminated open heart became overwhelmed with compassion for humans on my deep spiritual awakening.

Since starting my business 2 years ago THIS MONTH, and making it through the storm of Saturn’s return, I have put on 40 pounds of fluff. I’m at my all-time heaviest. I won’t even be this big at 9 months pregnant. You see, the excess weight, it served me for a time.

As someone who has helped hundreds of women lose weight + feel better + make better choices for over 7 years, I had experienced shame and guilt in many different ways.

I no longer have shame or guilt around it. 

This petite, 63 inch frame, was feeling achy and anything but energized and full of vitality a month ago. After mindlessly going back to old habits of choosing soda over water + reading/researching/Netflix over being active + fast food/convenience over home cooked/groceries it’s no surprise I put on 40 pounds of fluff over a two year period.

I now know it is safe to be Fully Exxposed™ and live every area of my life turned up to eleven. 

It’s my time. It’s your time. 

I’m here to help you get yours. 

My favorite part about the Weight-loss Mentality Makeover Collection is inviting you to do this WITH me.  Taking inspired action along side each other. 

I have been working to master mindset for over a decade.  Over the past few years I’ve mastered confidence in who I am and loving my body no matter what size it takes on. 

I’m so freakin’ excited to bring this to you! 

The armor I speak of has been extra cushion for the pushin’ for lack of better words.  I know you know exactly what I’m talking about.

You too, have used your weight as armor.

  • It’s allowed you to play small and hide.
  • It’s armor created to prevent you from getting hurt.
  • It’s created to keep people at a safe distance from you.
  • It is a bargaining chip to win approval of others.
  • It’s a way to get along with other women so they won’t hate you for being beautiful AND successful.

There is something you don’t want to share. You’ve used food as a way to stifle feelings + pain you wish you didn’t have or that you don’t feel safe to tell anyone else about.

I can remember coming home from school anticipating the after-school snack. Eventually it became a whole loaf of French bread while I talked up my best friend since pre-school on the phone for hours.

My grandpa would say, “ no-one is going to take your food away from you” when I would eat fast at the kitchen table.

The weight + food become your comfort zone.

It will never leave you or abandon you. It gives instant gratification of pleasure.

I was an expert at yo-yo dieting + binge eating + emotional eating. I know what it is like to have an unhealthy relationship with food + to be body obsessed.

You no longer have to hide behind your weight. You no longer have to obsess about your body.

  • Lose LB’s by shifting your LB’s (Limiting Beliefs) around weight-loss
  • Live in a state of self-love + ease.
  • Breakthrough your fears of intimacy
  • Cultivating the most important relationship you’ll ever have; the relationship with yourself.
  • Reprogram your negative self-talk and emotional abuse

You will have guided inner work with each video lesson as well as affirmations for sustainable change. This video collection will not do anything for you if you don’t integrate what you are learning.

the process of weight-loss and loving your body at any shape can be fun + simple + empowering.

The root to all of the weight-loss struggle + plateau’s + never reaching a healthy weight… FEAR.

We need to see you as much a you need to be seen…

The world needs to see you as much as you need to be seen…

We’re all here…

Waiting to meet you on the other side of the holding room.

Helping women have the ultimate healthy relationship with themselves isn’t just what I’m wildly passionate about.

You embodying a drop-dead-sexy mind + being an anchor of love without conditions is why I exist on this planet.

I can’t wait to see what results you choose to get from this life-altering collection.

You are infinitely worthy,

Alli Xx


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How to drop the weight-loss struggle + embody in-the-buff confidence no matter the size of your birthday suit.

It's time to thank your LB's for serving you up to this point and embrace your new LB ( Liberated Body )!

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I’m SO freakin’ jazzed to give this to you + see what results you choose to get from this life-altering collection.

Loving + believing in you always.

See you on the inside!

You are infinitely worthy, 

Allison Xx

How to drop the weight-loss struggle + embody in-the-buff confidence no matter the size of your birthday suit.

It's time to thank your LB's for serving you up to this point and embrace your new LB ( Liberated Body )!

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